Our Services

Social Media Management

We manage content and interactions using the latest technology, creativity and innovation ideas through implementing content strategies on social media platforms.

Media Platform Management

We are specialized in creating, managing, and protecting the content. We're a leading Multi-Channel Network (MCN).

The YouTube BU is one of the many diverse services that bee interactive offers to the region. Core services: creating, managing, and protecting copyrights of YouTube channels.

Bee Interactive started since 2018; Now we have more than 225 YouTube clients, Bee Interactive achieved 4.7B views through 2020, in Q1 2021 1.2B and Q2 2021 1.4B.

Our top 10 channels

Website and Application Development

We have a professional team of passionate designers and enthusiastic developers, led by technical experts and online strategists. We don’t believe in one-approach-fits-all theory. Instead, we work hard to come up with a tailored plan with efficient workflow for each project.

Our team works closely to come up with a winning strategy for your brand, enforced by recommended set of features to scale up your business.

We are passionate about what we do, that’s why we go the extra mile to display your brand with pride.

We provide a list of professional services, these include but are not limited to:

UI design

UX design

Front-end development

Wireframing and prototyping

Back-end development

Mobile app development

Customer journey mapping

Research and analysis

Information architecture

CMS Implementation

Database integration

Content Marketing

From raising brand awareness to pushing sales, to receiving feedback. We enhance the relationship between your brand and your customers.

Publication and Concession Unit

It is one of a kind digital platform in the Middle East, it was the first to provide a unique mix of contents that’s relevant locally, and putting in consideration Egyptian (and regional) to be the forefront of global media trends.

We were internationally the first to simultaneously provide both English and Arabic content (Media production, articles, videos, memes, GIFs, infographics, etc), and our tone is always fresh, irreverent, challenging.

We're young but strongly believe in our generation and the future ones coming, and want to create content that's relevant, transparent, shareable, and holds up a truthful mirror to our society, relationships, politics, culture and all what falls in between.

The Glocal range of services

The Glocal production

The stalkers

Ezzat we Samah

The Glocal mic

The Glocal stand alone episodes

The Glocal video based content

Video memes

Video post production

The Glocal posts

Static posts


Digital Media Buying

Watch your performance grow!

We identify business objectives, improve your performance and develop your campaigns efficiently to achieve your targets & KPIs.

Video Production

One stop shop of high quality, engaging and creative video Ads.

Reporting and Competitors Benchmarking

We look at the practice behind the metrics

We provide an opportunity to judge your performance objectively to help you understand how your business should be behaving online by comparing your brand against a number of competitors using a set collection of metrics.

Digital PR Services: Hydra

Creating Vertical Vehicles with vertical creators that are not brand Related, and providing generic content about certain topics that can be used to expand the reach of the current Social Media presence.

Influencer’s agreements

Twitter, YouTube, and TikToK trending

Channeling newsworthy content on a variety of national and international websites such as Cairo 24, Youm 7, Reuters etc..

Managing official accounts

Advertising campaigns (engagement and reach)

Media monitoring and crisis management

Creating content tailored to brands

Reputation Management (spread over more than 150 pages on Facebook and 70 on Instagram)

Strategic Communications

We assess communication challenges and needs to achieve business targets and draft a comprehensive communications strategy to support those objectives. The strategy identifies key stakeholders, target audiences, branding needs, suggested policy advocacy messages, as well as means of execution and interaction with media influencers.

Mixed Reality Market

Build your brand for the future

The future is set to revolve around mixed reality technologies across industries and departments. It will trickle into everyday consumer life, and brands will be expected to deliver the best MR experiences available to engage with their customers.